Our Aims

We have a vision of an adoption system that enables more children to have the love, care and security of a permanent family without undue delays.

An Adoption Crisis

Currently around 67,000 children live in care in the UK.  The majority were neglected and/or abused by their birth families.

Once in care they are all too often shuttled into a system that shunts them around without a plan or purpose, amassing physical, emotional and mental problems.  In effect they are made to pay again for being unwanted.

The longer they  are in the care system, the less chance they have of being adopted. When they are, the adoption is more likely to break down. Devastatingly, the number of children entering the care system is increasing, an average of one thousand per month, whilst the number of adoptions is declining.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

At Adopt a Better Way we believe that this appalling decline in adoption rates needs to be transformed, for the children’s sake.

Who We Are

We are adoptive parents, adoptees, brand, marketing, PR and media gurus, adoption panel members, birth parents and members of the public led by a passionate expert.


There is a better way

We are relentlessly dedicated to changing the UK adoption system so that it works for the children it sets out to help. It’s that simple.
It’s not about speeding up adoption for its own sake: it’s about making sure those who want to adopt and those who need a family are brought together in timely, considered fashion